Multi-Split Systems

Mar-Hy is proud to introduce Daikin's new generation of 2-port and 4-port Multi-Split Systems. These heat pump units, with 115 possible configurations, are able to serve 2, 3 or 4 room homes. Choose the wall mount or slim duct units.

For some applications, combine the two options. Not only accomplishing the goal to increase the comfort of your home, Daikin's Multi-Split Heat Pump Systems are also energy efficient with maximum SEER 19.5 and HSPF 19. These systems will also reduce your electric bills.

  • 2-port Multi-Split system: connect one outdoor unit to   two indoor   units from a choice of ducted (FDXS) or duct-free (CTXS/FTXS) fan coil   units
  • 4-port Multi-Split system: connect one outdoor to two, three or four indoor units from a choice of ducted (FDXS) or duct-free (CTXS/FTXS) fan coil units  

Are you building new construction or renovating your home? Do you need different comfort levels in two, three or four rooms? A Daikin® Multi-Split system is the only choice. Daikin ducted and duct-free Multi-Split systems allow you to connect one compact outdoor unit and up to four separate indoor units, quickly and easily. This can be accomplished without the need for major ductwork, noisy backyard compressors or bulky window units.



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